I create purely to display the unexpressed.

The images that appear are in the form of an energetic technology and have the action of allowing the viewer to experience their Totality.

This is my Creator Sign I am using to hold the spaces in between and now display it along with the focus and attention of my creations.

Words cannot express the galaxies I contain, words can only describe the fabric upon which it can be viewed ... an instance will allow that remembrance.

When I engage with a piece of Steve’s art, it’s like approaching a living organism. Instantly there is desire to know more - more of what lies beyond the image, a deep internal curiosity that directs me to dive right in and be open to discovery. The discovery of what? Pure possibility, potential, memories so familiar and yet just beyond view.

Steve’s ability to capture the essence of the portal to more, and his sensitivity to the subtleties of energetic frequency continue to intrigue me and simultaneously shatter my view of the world.
— Rebecca Dawson - teacher, channeler, author of "The New Human experience"

Steve Creek ⏂ 2018